Anders Ripa Anders Ripa

I was born in 1962 in the city called Karlskrona, my family moved to Helsingborg when I was 1 year old, at the age of 6 we moved to the Gothenburg area. I studied Computer Science and Electronics at Chalmers and have a Masters degree.


I have been interested in technology and sciences since I was young and have been playing around both with chemistry and electronics before I ended up working with information technology and computers.

I have held a fascination with the science and history of crypthograpy and espionage and how to counter them with security measures.

Since my time studying I learnt about the fascination of role playing and I still try to attend the largest Swedish role playing convention here in Gothenburg each year. The convention is called GothCon and is held each Easter.

If you want to see more of my interests you should see the Link page.

I like to be able to improve the way we develop software so that software development can come closer to science and engineering and less art and witch-craft. The art in software should be used to improve the software not to get it to work at all. Some of the ideas and literature that have inspired me can be found on my design page.


I work at Ericsson Microwave Systems AB in Mölndal in the area of Public Safety and National security. I work as a product manager in the area of information security.

I am chairman of the union CF (CF, The Swedish Association of Graduate EngineersCF in English). I am also active in CF-Väst

Previously I worked at Actron AB where I was in charge of the development team for Actsip, ActGraph, ActServ and ActWin development tools used to program Industrial controllers (PLC). The software development function is now a separate company called Actwin AB.

The development of Actsip was MS DOS based with a character based user interface. The ActWin project was targeted 32 bit Microsoft Windows and resulted in a Windows 95 and Windows NT product.

The work at Actron gave me experience in almost all business areas that you have in a smaller company with very large international sales and contacts. During the time at Actron (13 years) I have had the fascinating experience to follow the exploding computer field.

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